U-Bolt Pro smart lock


A new smart lock has been created by U-Tec in the form of the U-Bolt Pro which offers six ways to access entry either using your fingerprint, pass code smartphone application and more.”Never get locked outside with 6 ways to unlock with or without your smartphone: Smartphone App, Fingerprint, Passcode, Proximity Unlock, Magic Shake and Mechanical Key.” All communications are encrypted using secure 128-bit AES via an embedded hardware coprocessor within the lock. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the smart deadbolt lock for your home or apartment.

Launched via Indiegogo the U-Bolt Pro lock is available to back with pledges starting from $149 offering a 66% saving if ordered from Indiegogo. The campaign is successful in manufacturing progresses smoothly worldwide deliveries expected and take place sometime around June 2019.

“U-Bolt Pro is the most secure, and the most versatile deadbolt ever created. With Dual 128-bit AES Dynamic Key Encryption and premium alloy construction, it is unbreakable both physically and digitally. U-Bolt Pro gives you complete control on access and users. Share temporary fingerprint, code, or eKey with a set schedule for the cleaning crow or grant one-time access to a friend. The second layer of protection is the Dynamic Key. This key code is randomized for every single data transfer. Even if somebody were able to capture the AES encrypted data, the Dynamic Key protection would make it impossible to for them to unlock your door.”

Source: Indiegogo

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